Thursday, December 07, 2006

Working Cats

Tanj commutes to the office.

We don't take the boyz many places away from home, really it is mostly the occasional car rides, trips to the vet, and trips to the office. Of these, the office trips are probably the kitten's favorite. Uschi is much more eager to get into the carrier than Tanj (who had a stressful trip to the vet). As soon as we are settled into the car, we let the boyz out of the carrier so they can watch (and pose for) traffic.

Tanj is in his spot between our seats.

Uschi comes to visit too...

giving us driving advice.

Is that a racoon (or Maine Coon) in the window?

Naaa, just a pretty boy Uschi.

Has everyone seen my stripes?

Once we get to the office,

Uschi spots the fish again,
What a pose!

Uschi finds the old Firm exercise steps
and lets us know all about it.

"Less work, more playing with Uschi!"
(He' s waiting to bat around a Sharpie or two)

Keeping an eye on Dad's work.

After exploring the office,
Tanj curls up on a chair next to Les.

Later, both boyz crash on the comfy chair.
There used to be more room!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We've been talking lately about how big Dax has gotten too. It's amazing the change in size over just a few months. Dax is soooo tall now, he can get up on his hind legs and reach things that were never reachable before!!

The last time he stepped on the bathroom scale it said 13.8 pounds. We can't pick him up with one hand like we used to!