Monday, December 04, 2006

Big-Time Uschi

Some have noted and commented about Uschi's "voluptuousness." Even as a baby show kitten, comments were made about him being "large," and recently he was lovingly called "Sq-Uschi." He does not eat more than Tanji, who is a filling-out lanky muscle-boy, each get two Nutro-packs per day. Uschi's diet is actually better than Tanji's, he does not like people food, where-as Tanji Loooves bread/toast and butter, he comes running and begs if there is bread to be mooched. All along, Uschi has slept deeper and longer daily than Tanji and when awake, Tanji is very active, while Uschi "doses" his efforts.

It's Cold,... My fur is all fluffed up,...
It's the angle,... The camera adds 5lbs,... Come-on!
I'm Uschi!

Two used to fit on one chair,

not any more,

Double-Wide Uschi,

takes up two chairs,

when given the chance.

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