Friday, December 15, 2006


We came through last nights
high wind storm
in good shape.

The boyz have a box of treats, which is kept out of reach and sealed. They really do know this box and the sound it makes because we can "silently" take it out and by the time it reaches the counter there will be four eye-balls looking up at it. The change in the weather and the heavy storms have driven the field mice back inside the house. The boys spend hours stalking and catching them, note the mouse counter on the side-bar of the home page. The numbers have been surprising low this year, as compared with last year.

We don't want the boyz to eat the mice and if possible we like to take the mice outside to the compost pile, "alive". So when a mouse is caught we rush to the treats box to get an offering to swap for the mouse and to reinforce their mousing behavior. At first they are totally hept-up about the mouse but soon,

Uschi is in the box,

and tries to sample some jerky.

T seems happy about his "Happy Hips" selection.

Usch makes his choice,

since mice are no longer on his mind.

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