Saturday, December 02, 2006

Water Boyz

Our snows have melted
and our already saturated grounds are slowly
absorbing the additional water.

All of the moisture has forced
our neighbors' grass-seed fields

into their winter greening.

The standing water in our field
has given the boys a whole

new playground to explore.

At first Uschi isn't sure

which way to go,

but soon he gives a pool of water

the "Uschi-Stare",

then comes straight across,

in up to his belly fur.

While Tanj,

tries to hydro-plane.

U settles down to stalk T.


T has a similar idea.

Tanj sloshes around,...

and looks to climb a tree,...

but Usch encourages him along,...

and leads the way to higher ground,

where it is off to the next pool.

Uschi kicks it in,...

and finds another pool,

to explore.

While Tanj has his own marsh,

to investigate.

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