Sunday, December 31, 2006


Uschi carefully inspects a new kind of toy

Any regular visitors to this blog probably know that Tanj & Uschi are a little "spoiled." Their first Christmas has taken this to a whole new level as they received toys in packages specially labeled and even addressed to them. The boyz have gotten completely different types of toys then they had before. The new toys require careful inspection and trial play before full toy approval is granted...

Uschi's ears go straight up
as a new toy appears...

Hmmmm, this one rolls and makes noise,

a gentle pat indicates his approval!

Uschi guards his new find
because whenever a new toy appears...

Tanj is not far behind!

Uschi gently grips his new ball.

and with a push, "makes it go."

What'cha got Usch?

The boyz discover something fluffy

and Tanj gives it a gentle tap before...


Sometimes the boyz want the "toys"
that aren't meant for them...

Tanj finds a new light-up pen

Uschi likes pens too...

and attacks with a roar!

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