Thursday, December 14, 2006

Get A Room

The brothers really do like each other, and spend 24/7 together. Uschi does try to get some T-Free time but Tanj usually tracks him down and after a bit of licking, growling, biting, and finally some more licking they settle down together. The other day I tossed Uschi into the bed, an area that Tanj protects as his territory, I laid with him and tried to calm him, offering my protection. Soon, very soon, Tanj arrived and "snuggled" down next to Usch.

Usch was a little unsure,...

and T soon had a

head-lock in place.

As T began to "nibble",

U started licking,

I think he is going to bite me,...

Yup! Daaad, he's biting,...

Usch licked again,

and T began to melt.

T relaxed enough to clean U's cheek,

both brothers licked,

and cuddled down for a nap.

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1 comment:

emiliethestrange said...

Awww, sweet.They do love each other