Monday, December 18, 2006


Our temperatures have dropped below freezing for the past few days. With all the moisture on/in the ground and humidity in the air, we have woken to a picturesque frosty landscape the past few mornings. The mid-upper 20s temperatures don't seem to phase the boys, they actually seem to spend a bit more time out in their kennel now that it is "cold." Once harnessed up and out in the wild, they run around as always. Tanji seems to be drinking a lot from the puddles, and later in the day when the frost has melted, he licks the soaking wet grass.

The boys run in the early morning frost,

then find some frosty tall grass,...

Usch explores deeper,

while T looks to run into the mowed area.

Feral Tanji

finds some standing water to sample,

then he is off.

Come on Uschi

I'm coming,...

T heads towards

the oak grove.

Soon the boys are off again and

find the frost covered picnic table.

This is different,...

don't get your nose stuck.

U finds a frosty pine,...

then hangs out at the pond,

while T enjoys the rising sun.

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