Monday, December 25, 2006

Post Christmas Collapse

Tanj has had enough holiday cheer!

The family had quite a Christmas, we were all spoiled with gifts, good fortune and health. After opening some gifts, the family headed into the office, as Les and I do everyday. Tanji didn't seem to happy about the trip but Uschi seemed to have a good time. Back home Lesley "FIRMed" and I went for a run, then we cooked up a feast and played with the boys. After dinner Lesley took the boys for a walk in the rain. Soon the entire family collapsed for a nice mid-day "nap."

First, Uschi briefly found himself on me,

While Tanji stared at Lesley.

Hiiii, moooomm.

Soon, Uschi moved to the ottoman,

and Tanji followed,...

and after some licks and nibbles,

the boys spooned and napped.

But Tanji was too restless and Uschi soon moved,

he curled up on the silky smooth sleeping bag,

and Tanji

found his green silk-velvet blanket.

After a good bit of napping
Tanj was ready to go,

he found me now sleeping in the bed,
eventually he gave up on waking me

and curled up himself.

Uschi had already moved to the Catcoon,

and was sleeping on his head.

Eventually, Uschi retreated to higher ground

and moved to the top shelf of the window cat tree.

What a great day we had.

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