Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Small Fry

Was Uschi ever really that little?
Not any more!

Looking back at the photos of the boyz taken their second and third days with us (April 29 & 30, 2006), it is hard to believe how little they were! Amazingly, despite the big jump in size, they are basically the same kittens today that they were those first few days with us.

Get ready for a whole lot of cuteness!

The boyz already liked being close at hand...

and Uschi showed signs of being Mooushi!

The Boyz were already best friends...

Although now they only like this bed upside down.

Of course these buddies already
liked a good wrestle.

Mini take-down by Tanj!

Of course the boyz already liked their toys...

Meeting the panic mouse for the first time.
Uschi is already intrigued!

Feathers lured the boyz out to their
kennel for the first time.

They weren't sure at first and
waited on the doorstep together.

With a little coaxing they explored.
Now they love to play in the kennel.

Uschi could always be tempted by feathers...

... even feathers dangling on the cat wheel.

A quick stretch on the ottoman...
(now its room for one stretched-out kitten)

Tanj before (and after)

A rest on the windowsill...

and its off to the cat-tree window
for a bit more fun,

where Uschi had plenty of room to sautner,
(not any more!)

and Tanj posed by the catgrass
(which they totally ignored after that).

All that playing tired out the boyz...

Yawns can be catching...

Time for a nap,
some things never change!

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