Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Balance Beam Walker

The shed annex (aka bike room)'s framing is up
and tied into the old shed.

Vladi climbed a wall stud for,...

An inspection of the roof rafters,...

These rafters look good too,...

The custom Lavs laminated veneer beam
appears to be straight and strong.

Nooo, I'm still inspecting,...

The little Koala held onto that rafter for all he was worth,...

But I got him down.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Floor Inspection

The other night I laid out the piers for the
bike room addition using a laser level to
line everything up.

(You can see the laser lines and note how
unlevel the floor of the old shed is,... no surprise there)

The next morning I built the sub-floor and

Put down 0.75" tongue and groove plywood.

Later when the inspectors came out,...

Uschi headed right under to check for structural integrity.

Tanji did some digging.
(I like the motion of the dirt)

I see you under there,...

Oh no I got some dirt on my belly,...

This spot is pretty dirty.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Night Build

Shack annex construction has been going late into the night, and this has been keeping the boys from their usual 16+ hour napping routine. They are so excited, they have doubled their food consumption and demand full inspections of the construction every day. They can watch from the kennel, or...

Take in the view from the open bathroom window.

These shots are of me taking down
the old west side roof.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Looking For Adventure


Was looking for trouble,...

Oh boy, dirt,...

He spotted a new source of fun,... and

Went straight up an exposed 2x4 stud,...

Then walked along the edge of a 2x4,... up at 8 feet.
(good balancing)

Aaa the roof of the old shed.

after awhile it was time to come down,...


I said NOO!!!
(GRrrreeeerrrrrr,.... Hisssss,..... Grrrr.....)

You better not swat your dad.

V grabbed a rafter as he came down and
clung to it,... I had to pull him off.

Down you go.

But I'm cute.

With a bad Vladi-tude.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Inspector Swirls

Uschi is on-site for an inspection.

I don't think you should be going up the ladder,...

"Now how to get to the roof?"

Uschi, you should never stand on the top step of a ladder,...

U makes his move to the light then the roof.

This new "Lavs Laminated Veneer" ridge beam looks very impressive.

The old shed looks pretty shabby compared to the new addition,...

I like it up here !!

I'm ready to come down now,....

Hi dad,... this is looking good.

This is a much easier way to get off the roof.

Dad, watch out for the rafters, no banging Uschi,...

Happy Uschi

Almost down,...

Now I want to go back up.

Noooooo,... Daaad,... mom said I could go back up there,...

(No she didn't)

Fine,... I'll just enjoy MY new room then.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shed Project Initial Staging

After the ball got rolling on the bike room addition to the shed,...

I borrowed Taz's truck and picked up the supplies.

Stripe among the lumber,...

I found you U,...

This lumber in neat.

There is so much stuff to investigate,...

What happened to this wall ?

Usch investigates the huge tarped pile of $%#@ from the shed.

Oooo look at all that &%@*

Tarps are fun, they crinkle when you jump on them.

This is a nice place to sit.

When is this wood going to get used?

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