Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Return Of The Trench

In 2007, Tanji and Uschi had so much fun playing in the trenches I dug to run water lines to the distant parts of the "yard." This week I dug a new trench for the electrical wiring to the compressor and "shed addition."

Uschi finds the trench right away and jumps in...

This looks fun,...

Tanji is right in there too,...

The boys scoot back and forth, single file.

Tanji jumps out, and Uschi runs from one end to the other.

Vladi wasn't with us yet when we had the old trenches,
so it takes him a little longer to figure it out.

First he rolls in the dirt along the edge,... then he jumps in...

"Did you guys see this,... trenches are AWESOME!"

However, you get really dirty when you play in them.

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1 comment:

MainecoonMa said...

Oh my goodness, white Vladi is now BEIGE!! I wouldnt want to have to lick all that off, eeewww!