Friday, February 29, 2008

Its Show Time!

Why is this sitting out here??

This weekend our little Vladi is going to his first cat show! When Tanji and Uschi were kittens, they were in a cat show, and it was a great experience for all of us. The boys were angelic show boys and seemed to be more outgoing afterwards. Vladi is already Mr. Personality and we hope he enjoys himself being around people and other cats. He is almost nine months old and has not been around anyone other than us for the past three months, so this is going to be a big thing for him!

Vladi has been preparing by getting as muddy as possible and diving repeatedly into the compost pile. He has also decided that it is no longer cool to be carried around like a baby cat, so we are practicing yelling "cat out" for the show. Today we started pulling out the goodies for the show...

Vladi strikes a pose as he sniffs the carrier.

What's this for?

Zoom! Make it go!

Better get some sleep before the big day.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tanji's New Room

After all this time,

Tanji spotted

the two triangular openings
above the door into the well-house.

Coil, coil, coil,...


Wow, what is this ?,...

I'm going in,...

Hey, what is going on in there,... ?

Can I come in too?

Who was that?

There isn't enough space in here for anyone else,...

Tanji came all the way out,...

quickly turned to peek back inside,

then tried the other "window."

I like it in here,
it is dark and damp.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vladi's New Post

I was standing watching Uschi stare
at a blade of grass, when I noticed

Vladi on the NW corner fence post.

Lesley was right there

Securely holding his leash, and

taking pictures of him.

Vladi turned and watched my approach.

He stared intently,...

But a

big truck went zooming by,...
**the truck was a lot further away than it looks
through this long lens shot

Vladi turned and watched it,

as it went on down the road.

That was kind of scary,...

Did they notice me?

Does anyone else want to look at me?

We want the boys to be scared of cars and the road.
Soon after the truck went past, Vladi had enough and
slunk back towards the middle of the property, Good Boy!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Two weeks ago,
Lesley was ill with
the Norovirus.

T & V were there to help

Mommy, what is wrong?

Lesley now feels much better.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Boy Harness

Vladi's little kitten harness has been getting tight,
so today we went shopping for a new big boy harness.

Vladi's new harness is a stylish blue/yellow
with little bees on it.
(his old one was the same blue but had kittens on it)

It has a longer back strip to
accommodate his growing shoulders.

Once "saddled-up"

V warms-up

on the wheel, so

once outside,

Vladi is ready to go.


on to

the picnic table.

This new harness feels good !!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Vladimir was

exploring a dirt pile.

He watched out for his big brothers.

Tanji ran past,...

This got V-man excited

his tail waggled back and forth as
he pounced on a big green water snake.

Off he went,...

up a birch,
(of course)

then past the pond.

Run, run, run

Through the tall grass, to the

chair for a sniff.

Then it was off to

mom for some loving.

Happy Vladi

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