Sunday, December 03, 2006

FIRMing Up

Uschi is stretching before his workout.

Its been 11 weeks since Les re-started The FIRM© and the boyz have not lost interest in the daily workouts. If anything, they are more likely to join in with their own version of "feeling the burn." The Transfirmer step is Uschi's favorite new toy, and Tanj can't resist playing along.

The boyz are ready to go.

Let's get this party started!

Uschi is stepping along with Les.

The step makes some irresistable noises.

The boyz love it when the step is in the
"incline" position. They fearlessly play
underneath (luckily the step is stable).

Tanj is not phased by all the noise above.

He's watching for Uschi, who really
thinks the steps are his.

It's Uschi's turn!

Uschi defends his little cave.

Tanj moves to higher ground...

...and gets comfy.

Uschi has had enough exercise.

It's nap time for now, but we know they'll
be back for more "FIRMing" later...

We have the pawprints to prove it!

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