Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Planting Trees

After a short break in our winter rains, the standing water in the field was absorbed. We took this opportunity to get a few conifers into the ground so they will have all winter to get situated. Late fall and winter are the best times to plant conifers in our area because they get lots of moisture and the cool temperature is about right. Needless to say, the boys "helped" with the planting. I headed out to the west side of the field with a wheelbarrow full of trees, Lesley and the boys followed a few minutes later. By the time they arrived I had already planted a few little conifers,...

Uschi inspected an empty pot.

We then started laying out a

short row of Stone Pines.

Uschi inspects the placements.

"I'll get the next one"

"Lets see,..."

Tanji leaps into action,

selects the next tree,

and a place for it to go.

This Cupressus galabra (Blue Ice Cypress 2G) should be next.

Just tell me where you want the wheelbarrow.

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1 comment:

emelo said...

These two boys are, by far, the most beautiful cats I have seen. And they see to be so much fun.