Monday, September 17, 2007

Trip Outside

Vladi faces the great outdoors

Although we took Tanj and Usch out for a walk the first week they were home with us, we held off on taking Vladi out for a walk until he was settled in with his brothers. Now that they are all getting along, it was time to harness up little Vladi and introduce him to his new yard. We decided to take Vladi out by himself, because Tanj & Usch have their own outdoor routines that they look forward to all day, and we have been trying to disrupt them as little as possible.

We put Tanji's little kitten harness on Vladi
(after tightening it up considerably)...

and distract Vladi with his new leash
that matches T&U's leashes.

We were ready to go, and Vladi seems
eager to explore.

However, once on the ground,

Vladi starts to quiver and shake,

his tail curls down between his legs...


This is the first time we have seen Vladi
scared of anything, and we try to reassure him
and figure out what is frightening him, since
he loves going out in the kennel.

Vladi really seems to dislike his harness,
maybe because it is different than his baby harness.
"Get this off of me!"

Vladi attacks a little tree and blades of grass,
but is still shaking and wobbly.

Luckily, the leash is an irresistible toy...

and Vladi lets loose for a few minutes.

But his tail and low head says that he is still unhappy!

I'm still scared !!!

Tanj and Usch have been watching from the kennel.

Vladi seeks reassurance, and we decide he's
had enough for one day

and let him into the kennel with his big brothers.

As soon as his harness is off and he is in the
safety of his kennel, Vladi starts to play.

Uschi is watching from the angled ramp,
but his rear starts to slide down under him...

Uh-oh, this is embarrassing, better take a
"recovery nap" with Vladi!

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Daisy said...

Poor little Vladi! I hope you get used to your harness and leash soon, because then you can have some wonderful adventures with your brothers.

Anonymous said...

It's ok Vladi, you'll soon be happy to go on the walks with your brothers.
Maybe taking him with his brothers might reassure him it's ok and fun. My Bengals comfort each other when anything new happens.
Kintaro, Tessa and Abby