Monday, September 10, 2007

Long Lost Mouse

When Tanjiro was a little kitten he had a favorite mouse toy that came home with him from Cheetahsden Northwest. He'd play with it endlessly, growling when anyone would approach. Tanji liked to dunk his mouse in water, push it between the couch cushions, take it for walks in the kennel, and every evening he placed his favorite toy next to the food bowl. The mousie got dirtier and dirtier, and we tried to replace it with a new one. At one point I even wet a new mouse so it would look matted and broken-in. Tanji only wanted his old "tickle mouse." Then one day about a year ago, his mouse was gone. We looked all over the house but could not find it. We suspected that it had gotten lost in the kennel, but could not find it there either. Tanj did not pick a replacement, so we thought the mouse days were over.

When Vladi came home last week and started to play with one of the new mice toys, we remarked that it was a shame that Tanji had lost his favorite mouse. Then Vladi visited the kennel and something amazing happened...

What do you have there Vladi?

It looked like a dead bird because there was a
feather on it, so Les tried to take it away.

It was Tanj's one-eyed toy mouse! We think it might have
been buried in the dirt and uncovered when I
put in the new fencing recently.

Vladi carries his new find...

Over to the step next to Tanj where
they have both been hanging out.

Vladi leaves the toy to chase an ant
and we show it to Tanji...

That's your mouse T !

There's definitely a smile on Tanj's face.

Later I cleaned (boiled) the mouse (it smelled moldy),
and when it dries, it will be reunited with its rightful owner.

A happy ending!

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Daisy said...

Hooray for Vladi finding the long-lost mouse for Tanji.

LZ said...

Yeah!! How wonderful that your new brother found it for you!