Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Tanji

We've got lots of pictures of Tanj & Uschi "back-logged" from before Vladimir joined our family. V's adventures have been hogging all the blog space, so today will be a loooong blog of random Tanjiro pictures that didn't make it into past "story-line" blogs but we liked and wanted to keep around.

Come onnnnnn !

Lets go for a walk.

T and Les look over the fence.

Tanji stalks

and watches

a bird


grass is fun to chase.

No one said anything about petting.

Where did Tanji go ?

I'm still here,...

watching the bird feeder,...
(from the tall grass)

now from a little closer.

I'm a good Tanji, I'll just sit quietly.

Enough sitting.

Time for more stalking.

Back inside it is time for toys !


Tanj gets up for HIS red feathers,

and flops,... before

showing his speed.

Then it is time for

a nap.

Why is this towel on me ?

Handsome Tanjiro.

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