Monday, September 03, 2007

Car Ride Home

This sums it up: Vladi is a total mush

Yesterday morning we left Kelli's house bright and early to try to avoid traffic in Seattle and Portland, as well as the heat of the day. We were all a little teary-eyed when we loaded Vladi's carrier in the car, he was leaving "Aunt Kelli" and his kitten siblings and friends behind.

We knew we were going to let Vladi leave his carrier, as we had with Tanj and Usch. The car was packed with comfy beds, a litterbox, water dish, and clean-up towels. We fully expected a lot of meowing and scrambing around the car, and it was Les' job to keep control of Vladi while I drove. For safety reasons, we only took pictures when the road was clear. We wanted to keep Vladi as calm as possible, and also hoped it would be a bonding experience as it had been with Tanj and Usch. Off we went...

Vladi of course wanted to be out of the carrier.

Right away, Vladi joined us up front,
perching between our seats and crawling
in Les' lap (mine was off limits).

Vladi "sang" pretty much all the way from Seattle
to Portland, just as T&U had.

He sounds a lot like a bird-of-prey (maybe a hawk?). Pretty cool!

Vladi wanted to be high to see all of the action...

Here's the best part, within ten minutes of leaving,
Vladi was already curled up in Les' lap and rolling
around making biscuits (kneading) like a total mush.

Of course he was still interested in
giving driving instructions.

Where are we going?

Vladi was a little "gassy" from all of the excitement,
so Les put him in the back for a tour of the litter box
and other goodies in case they were required.

I don't want to be back here!

We stopped early on at a rest stop so the car would be
quiet and Vladi could calm down. He was already pretty
calm and checked out the view...

and played with Les' shoelaces.

Vladi was sleepy...
by the Washington/Oregon border,

and he slept the rest of the way home.

We were so happy that he was rested
up before arriving home!

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Anonymous said...

yeaaay ! he's home, he's gorgeous, look at that coat -- now for the introductions. how do you keep them separate in a one room dwelling ?
we'll be watching w/ the world