Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random Tanj

We have so many pictures piled up (currently 32 "draft" photo-blogs) that it is time for some random postings to our blog photo-album. This will be a posting of pictures that we have been archiving because we liked them for some reason (good pose/posture, nice action, something), but haven't lent themselves to a "storyline" blog.

Tanji looking lean,

and long.


"I fell out of the treeeeee!!"


This next shot was just luck. The boys were
chattering at some birds, and one started dive bombing Tanji.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tanji take off, I turned,
pressed the shutter release and caught the tail end of his leap.
For perspective I put the red dot where the
ground is directly below his front feet.

Wow !!!

Tanj cruises,

and bounds over tall grass.

What !?!

I could climb it,... if I wanted to.

These wet leaves smell strange.

Where is mom ?

Yeah !!! Here comes mommy !!!

Happy Tanj,... and Les.

Heading home.

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Daisy said...

Let me see here, those are some interesting pictures. The diving one is very amazing, but my favorite is the Crazy Cat! What an expression on your face!

Anonymous said...

Love the first shot... gorgeous depth of field.

Unknown said...

We love looking at your picture stories! Please keep them coming!