Friday, March 02, 2007

Fluff Tails

One of the many cool things about Bengal Cats is that they have great tail expression. I grew up with cats but never saw them fluff their tails or give obvious signals with them, besides the tail flick associated with, "back-off,... I've had enough petting." Tail fluffing was always a thing of story books or Halloween pictures. Our boys fluff up their tails regularly and certainly communicate with them. Sometimes the noticable (to us) displays are given during play, while strolling around, running, sometimes after a good run, or maybe when a good scent is found, or just a notice of I'm here." Uschi regularly signals by pointing his tail straight up, revealing his light under-tail counter shading.

Tanji's long "stick" tail fluffed.

Uschi's "bristle-brush" tail fluffed.
Pretty cool you can see the tail bone structure when
the fur is standing straight out from it.

You just know T is telling Uschi something.

Here I come, look at my tail

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