Thursday, March 01, 2007

Uschi's Turn

I want to go outside,.... NOW!!!

Since we have a "back-log" of shots taken with our point and
shoot we will be "using them up" over the next week or so,
then our goal is to mix photos taken with the D80
and the point and shoot "seamlessly."
This blog will be a random mix of Uschi-Swirl pictures.

Before heading outside Uschi almost always runs on the wheel.
We call it his warm up. As the harnesses come out,
the boys get excited and

Uschi heads to the wheel.

He is funny because he meows and
purrs while "warming up."

Once outside, U posed on my boot,

and on the garbage can, before

finding a dead bird,...
(window crash victim)

He wanted the feathers.
(we took it away, much to his disapointment)

You can pet my chin,...

and/or my belly,...

Whaaattt, is that?

"Art Critic"

This balloon keeps following me around.

Nice stretch,...

Bird watching is,...


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