Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peek-A-Prize Uschi

Uschi (look close at his eye, pretty cool)

Loves to lick feathers.

This one is stuck in his Peek-A-Prize toy box.

Why won't you come out ?

Are you stuck down here ?

I'll try from this side.

Come onnnn !!!

Noooo, I don't need any help !!


Tug, Tug, Tug !!

Maybe I can push you out,...

This is a lot of work,... I guess
I'll settle for my favorite yellow feathers.

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Daisy said...

That toy looks like a lot of fun. I especially like the second photo with Uschi's tongue stickin' out!

Emma's Kat said...

Looks like you had a tough time w/your Peek-a-Prize toy, but it is a cool toy! Love your black lips in the top picture as well as the cool angle on your eye! You are just too handsome!