Monday, March 12, 2007

Blurred Vision

With the number of pictures we take of the boys we always end up with 60+% that are totally blurred, over/under exposed, totally out of the frame, etc. Occasionally, we get out of focus shots that catch our eyes as interesting, or just "good" body postures/actions that we would like to keep around, even if the focus is less than good. Sometimes the blur actually adds to the photo-drama.

Tanji gallops down the wood chip path.

Uschi-Swirls in the snow.

Tanji's eyes are focused on his unsuspecting target.

Uschi, gets sprung upon.

He leaps into action

and turns it on,

opening up his stride.

Tanji changes direction hard,

and takes up pursuit

but Uschi shows him his heels,

and pours on the power.


Uschi accelerates,

around a birch

and surprises Tanji.

Back inside,

Uschi's motor is still in high gear.

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1 comment:

KK said...

These photos make me dizzy! I enjoy the drama of them though and particularly love 'Ushi in the snow'.