Wednesday, March 07, 2007

D80 Update

We have been shooting many, many pictures with the Nikon D80 and are learning how to use as well as getting use to using it. The pictures we are capturing are a significant step up. The colors, sharpness, and poses are at a level we haven't captured before. One reason for the new poses is because we have it set to "continuous shoot" mode, so if we hold down the shutter button it takes up to three pictures every second. This is great for catching running and jumping scenes as well as the facial and body expressions that were always just before or after we pushed the shutter button on the point and shoot. We have been using a fixed focal length 50mm lens while we are learning, so some of the more distant pictures when blown-up and cropped aren't "perfect" but are still pictures we would never have caught in the past. The resolution of the D80 gives us the ability to zoom in more when cropping, bringing out the part of the picture we are interested in. Anyway, today will be our second D80 posting, including some of the better shots, most of which go with future "story-line" blogs.

The boys were running fast about 125 feet away
and came out as tiny specs in the picture.
I was shooting almost directly into the sun.

Mooom, you could be petting me,...

Tanji was outside in his kennel,
while Uschi was inside.

I like this shot of Tanj howling in the kennel. He was just a tiny spec in the picture, this is a significant blow-up/crop, about 30 feet away. I shot this from the same position on the bed, as the one above,... through a double-pane, dirty glass window and through a layer of the kennel mesh (just seen in the upper left corner) so this is basically a blow-up of one of the mesh squares seen in the previous shot.

Tanji on wet rocks

Uschi chomped green grass

Tanj tried some Thyme.

Uschi and

Tanj enjoy the wet woods.

A couple of more blow-up shots

Tanji running in his natural habitat.

Uschi coming at you.

Nice depth of field.

Tanji had a good day out,

and takes a nap.

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