Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baaaad Boys

Oops, how did this happen?

Tanj and Uschi are very good boys. Typically, we only have to tell them not to touch something once (with a hiss, a yelp, or a "no"), and they usually stay clear from then on. That includes Les' exercise videos (The Firm, FitPrime, Tracie Long, Mindy Mylrea) - they are strictly "paws off." Well, the boys were in the middle of a good wrestling match and somehow all of the "current rotation" videos got disturbed...

This is what the "current rotation" should look like

Then the boys shot under the TV,

Videos are scattering everywhere
(Of course, we're snapping photos)

The boys pick a favorite...
("Flying Casanovas" indeed)

Uschi is baiting Tanj

"Tanj, Usch, what are you doing???!!!"

Tanj knows he was bad,
you can see it in his eyes.
"I'm out of here!"
Uschi is having too much fun...

Oops, my paw seems to be
pushing these videos over...

Wow, weights too, this must be
my lucky day!

"Uschi, stop messing with those videos!"

Who, me?

Whatever, I'll do what I want!

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