Monday, March 26, 2007

Walking Boys

The boys do a good job of staying right with us
when on our daily outside adventures.

The boys strolling up the south fence line.

Good Boy Tanji, way to stay close.

Uschi stays "close."

Wait up Daaad.

Come-onnn Mom.

Okay, time to head home.

The boys do a good job on their leashes.
Tanji is actually better than Uschi on the leash.
He seems to really try to keep the leash slack,
attempting to predict our direction of travel.

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Daisy said...

Very good leash walking! I can go outside on the leash, but you can't actually take me for a walk. The leash is just to keep me from running off.

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky that the boys were leash trained when they were kittens. Sam was not and he doesn't get to go outside unless he's on his leash. Unfortunately, he hates it when we try to pull the harness over his head but thankfully he's quite compliant with the rest of the leashing up process. Once we get outside Sam is so taken with the scents left by our many male neighbor cats that our "walk" is painfully slow. My husband complains about the pace and how bored he his when he walks Sam so I recently suggested that he take a book with him. ;)


Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Yes, we were lucky that the boys got use to their harnesses at a young age. We are using a harness that had two clip buckles, so there is nothing that goes over their heads, it might be easier to get one like this on Sam. When a friend of ours was first training their dogs he told me about how the trainer told him about body positions and movements around the dogs. Things that would make the dog feel uncomfortable,like the angle you bring your hand in above their heads. With the harnesses I let them see them then work behind their field of view. The have no problem with the harnesses, they just stand there and purr. I can even put Uschi's on him while he is warming-up on the wheel, he never breaks stride.

As far as the walks, our philosophy is that it is for them first, which in the beginning took a little reprogramming of my brain. Our outside adventures are an hour or so each day strictly for the boys, whatever enjoyment I get out of it is a bonus, I'm always in the bonus!! >;-) If they want to sniff something, that is what we are going to do, for awhile. They need to get their fill on somethings before they are ready to move on. They don't like to get left behind so if we move on, there is soon a bunch of meowing and they come running.