Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cat and Dog Food Recall

Late Friday night we read on-line that many brands of cat and dog food were being recalled in the United States, Mexico, and Canada due to concerns that there may be an ingredient included that could cause illness, including vomiting and kidney ("renal") failure. The current recall is focused on "cuts and gravy" style food, which is food that has chunks of meat in gravy and packaged in cans or small foil pouches. The recall is of these foods sold between December 3 and March 6. The FDA - Recall of Pet Foods Manufactured by Menu Foods, Inc. press release states that if you have the foods being recalled, to stop using them immediately.

The full list of cat and dog foods being recalled is available at The list was updated today and we discovered that it includes the brand we feed Tanj and Usch (Nutro). So, we thought we'd provide links to make sure everyone can easily check their own cat foods (If you click the brand, the specific "flavors" and their UPC code will appear.

The cat food brands being recalled are:
Americas Choice, Preferred Pets, Authority, Best Choice, Companion, Compliments, Demoulas Market Basket, Eukanuba, Fine Feline Cat, Food Lion, Foodtown, Giant Companion, Hannaford, Hill Country Fare, Hy-Vee, Iams, Laura Lynn, Li'l Red, Loving Meals, Meijer's Main Choice, Nutriplan, Nutro Max Gourmet Classics, Nutro Natural Choice, Paws, Pet Pride, Presidents Choice, Price Chopper, Priority, Save-A-Lot, Schnucks, Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans, Sophistacat, Special Kitty Canada, Special Kitty US, Springfield Prize, Sprout, Total Pet, Wegmans, Western Family, White Rose, Winn Dixie

We checked out the list of recalled foods at Nutro, and noticed that it included at least one food we had (Gourmet Classics Kitten Chicken and Tomato) which was not on the list, so it may be a good idea to go to the websites of the specific cat food brands you use.

The recall news story can be found at MSNBC and CNN. The FDA is currently "investigating and working with Menu Foods, Inc. to ensure the effectiveness of the recall."

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