Friday, September 01, 2006

Outside Medley III

Uschi has decided he likes to explore off trail.
The other night he was headed well astray
so I had to "retrieve" him and attempt
to get him refocused,
on hanging with the family.

Happy Uschi rejoins the family.

Whaaat was thaaat? .... I'm Uschiii !

Mean while,

Lesley and Tanji are happy together.

Then Tanji

and springs his trap,

Uschi escapes,...

with a blurrr of his own,...

and plots,

I'll get him for that,...

So he sets his own trap,

and springs on Tanj.

Tanj runs away and finds

a leaf to carry around.

And Uschi

settles down to survey his domain.

Outside Medley II

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