Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

What does one do on Labor Day? Our family heads into the office. That isn't too out of the ordinary for us, we are in the office an average 6.9 days/week (~360 days/year over the past 8 years), it is just what we do, nothing workaholic about it. We aren't always there a long time, it is just part of our routine. We check e-mail and phone messages, feed fish, water greenhouses, make sure labs are secure, check the news/weather, and of course now we blog.

On Labor Day 2006, we realized that the boys hadn't been in the car/to the office in a while, so we loaded them up. They seemed pretty excited about the trip. They were quiet in the carrier, then started "happily" meowing and exploring when we let them free and started the car for our five-mile drive.

Tanj watches the world go by,

on both sides,

while Uschi settles in.

What the,...?

this isn't DQ!!

Once in the parking lot we let the boys

on the dashboard.

Uschi checks out the steering wheel.

Once in the office Tanj confirms,

things are in order.

Then, finds a chair

to relax on.

Uschi spots something moving,

and investigates,

some of the Betta tanks,

before finding a tray of purfume vials to lay in,

then heads to the cool floor.

On the way home the boys are
not as relaxed in the now warm car.

Uschi is panting in the back window,

and Tanj doesn't look happy

waiting for the AC to chill things.

Finally the car cools and they relax a bit,

Les and Uschi are happy to be home.

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