Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favorite Blanket

Vladi has a favorite blanket, he likes to knead on it (making biscuits) until he runs out of energy and falls asleep. Sometimes the blanket gets covered in stuff, things can get pretty cluttered in a one-room house and Les' "work station" is the ottoman the blanket partially covers. As soon as the area gets cleared, Vladi pounces on his blanket...

Oh boy, oh boy!

Oh yeah, that's the stuff!

Maybe the plush fabric feels like fur.

"Where's the Milk?"

A quick spin and Vladi is back at it...

Its been nearly 15 minutes and he's looking a little tired.

All tuckered out, its time for a nap.

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1 comment:

mcat said...

Love the intense concentration in frames 2 & 3 -- he's really somewhere else..