Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Pom Pom

The boys have a "new" toy.

A few years back, before Vladi came to live with us, Tanji and Uschi had a battery-operated rotating pom pom toy, or what was sold as the "panic mouse." Uschi loved it, Tanji hated it. We kept it secure in a cabinet, and would bring it out every once in a while for Uschi, with Tanji retreating to the kennel crying. Uschi loved it a bit too much, and after a while even duct tape couldn't put the pom pom toy back together again. For years we have left the broken toy out, so Uschi could bat at it and drag the pieces around.

A we were recently in Portland and had a chance to use a gift card from Grandmeow to purchase a new pom pom toy, a slightly different color and feathers instead of a pom pom, but basically the same toy.

Uschi, wake up, we have a big surprise!

Let's get this open. NOW!

Tanji looks suspicious but excited.

Some assembly is required and there are plenty of helpers.

Uschi has arrived and is staring passionately at the feathers.

The boys seem ready to play, so we turn on the toy.

Vladi is instantly bored, and when the feathers smack Tanji,
he chirps and runs away.

Why did you get another one of these ???

Put it back in the box, please.

Uschi has been watching "patiently"
but he is ready to rumble...


Pat, pat, pat.

It takes less than 30 seconds for Uschi to pull the top off the toy.

We reassemble, and Uschi is back in action...


Its only been two more minutes and Uschi is dragging
his prey out into the hall.

The prey has been subdued and dismantled.

Mom, Dad, Uschi broke his toy!

Its O.K. Vladi, that's how Uschi rolls.

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