Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pretty Present

Its a Christmas Eve gift from Grandmeow!
For Uschi of course, at least in his mind.

Let's get this open!

All the noise has attracted Vladi.
Uschi tries to lick him to distract his attention,
but Vladi is persistent...

Oh boy, a gift for me!

Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Let's get it open!

We can't resist draping the paper on the kitten.
Vladi is so pliable
"I guess we're doing this now..."

Uschi hasn't given up on "his"present.

Where's my wrapping paper cape?

O.K. this isn't fun anymore.

Much better!

Look Uschi, this was in the box!
(watch Uschi's paw...)


Uschi has a problem with tchotchkes
(had to look up the spelling on that one).

Who needs knick-knacks when you can be admiring Uschi?
(watch the paw again...)


This gift needs to go back in the box or it will never survive.

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