Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home Almost Alone

I was in New York last week visiting family while Les was posting blogs. The boys have a certain routine, and that does not include missing a parent. Even with lots of playtime and toys, here is what happened...

Day One:

Tanji is A-O.K., he has his Meow and is coping fine.

Valdi has been eying Uschi's Vera Bradley placemats,
and makes his move (he has Usch's carrot too).

Uschi refuses to go over to the dark side (next to Les),
and is loyally sleeping next to my spot at the table.

Day Three:

Nerves are getting a bit frayed between the spotted boys.

Vladi wants the big arm of the sectional (my area) to himself.

Tanji retreats to the Les' side of the bed.

Uschi can't stand being by himself on the table any more
and moves next to Les on the couch.

Don't do it Uschi!

Uschi even looks demoralized.

That's what he wanted, some close-up attention.

While Uschi settles in, Vladi is in the background totally pissed.

Uschi turning traitor.

He even looks a little sad in his sleep.

Day Four

Things seem calm, all the boys are close to Les...

...who is enjoying the attention.

Its the calm before the storm.

Day Five

The boys are keeping a close eye on Les,
they can't let their remaining parent get away.

Oops, Uschi passed out.

No worries, Tanji is on guard.

Later, Uschi is back staring at Les.
and by Day Seven:

Vladi has completely taken over the couch,
chasing off any brother that dares walk on his cushions.

Lurking under the cat cup, Vladi is waiting
to pounce on anyone who approaches.

Tanji stays with Les wherever she goes and is acting
a little wacky, like screaming when she leaves the house.

and Uschi has returned to sleeping at the table, waiting for me.

Arriving Home:

Vladi is right over...

...and so is Tanji.
(That is as much of a hug from Tanji as I can get)

Uschi is not quite ready to forgive the absence.

Who are you? I forgot.

Sniff. sniff. sniff.

Three happy kittens.

Its nice to be missed!

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mcat said...

ha ha ha! love all the emotive faces, don't think i've seen the Vladiataor so pissed so much ! glad dad is back so things can settle down. max cat

Bengal Lady said...

Awe...that's sweet!

Deven said...

Daddy...you're hooome.