Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Kitten

We're celebrating and will have lots of photos tomorrow,
for now a super warm Merry Christmas from all of us!

Here is a little Christmas story...

The first few days Vladi came to live with us, back in September of 2007, he slept in the bathroom with Les, so he would be apart from his big brothers until everyone settled down. We didn't want him to be completely in the dark because all of the new noises could be a little scary. So we put up a Christmas bubbling night light to keep Vladi company.

Vladi chattered at his new friend...

...and stuck out his tongue (something he still does when happy).

Someone looks a little tired...

Its bedtime, so Les turns down the lights.

For a while Vladi is mesmerized by the bubbles.

As he settles in, Les turns the rest of the lights out,
except the bubbling night light.

Vladi wakes for a moment...

And then lays back down in the glow of his Christmas light.

And to All a Good Night!

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Anonymous said...

Awww..that melted my heart. What a beautiful Christmas story.

~ Karen in Northern California

Kimmy said...

What a sweet, sweet story. Loved it.