Friday, June 06, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday Vladi
8" x 10" acrylic on board

Vladi is officially one year old today, but he will always be "baby cat" to us. He is a perpetual kitten with his purring and kneading, wagging tail, cute little voice, soft huggable build, and always happy demeanor. Vladi has been so good with his brothers, patient and playful, and instantly one of the gang. Les and I often look back at the blogs from his adoption announcement through his settling in with his brothers, and marvel that everything went so well, like little Vladi was meant to be with us. We have to give a special hug to Kelli for thinking of us and knowing that he would fit in so well with Tanji and Uschi.

Well, today is Vladi's big day, and we are doing all the things he likes best, which is anything that involves play and food. First thing in the morning as we got out of bed, Vladi arrived with his usual purring and kneading, so we sang him "Happy Birthday" and opened a can of Fancy Feast chicken & gravy. Vladi was pumped so we brought out a feather wand, and he played his favorite game of hiding under the ottoman and pouncing from behind the draped blankets onto his prey. He must have been a real devil with his siblings growing up! Then we went to work, while we assume Vladi messed around with Tanji, and then took a nap.

Later we got home, and Vladi "helped" Les paint his birthday painting (plenty of hairs for texture). Then a bit more napping, and it was time to head outside. I took Tanj and Usch for a walk together so Les could stay with Vlad and give him a chance to do whatever he wanted, without having to keep up with his brothers. It was a little cold and drizzly, but Vladi had fun chasing buggies, climbing trees, watching birdies, and meowing quietly to himself.

When we got back inside it was time for a big dinner and ... cake! Vladi is our little cupcake, so ...

Of course we had to get Vladi a
vanilla sprinkled ("mink rosetted") cupcake.

He takes a quick sniff and ...

Licks the paper. Hmm, maybe Vladi wants cupcake!

We took off the wrapping ...

And Vladi munches away.

Whoa little guy, you can't eat the whole thing!

How about a small piece?

Vladi even attacks the wrapper...

and hunts down all of the little sprinkles
that have fallen off.

We also got chocolate cupcakes for Tanj & Usch,
so they wouldn't feel left out...

Here you go, Tanji.

Tanj sniffs carefully for a while, but that's all.

How about you, Uschi?

Uschi would rather get petties on his wheel.

Meanwhile, Vladi has been making it clear he
wants more cupcake by smacking his tail against
us and the furniture. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK.

Where's MY chocolate cupcake??

Here you go, birthday boy.

We break off a little piece, and Vladi attacks it.

This might be the yummiest day ever!

Happy Birthday Vladi!

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Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, Vladi!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vladimir! I can't believe it's your birthday already - it looks like you had a great day. :D

Anonymous said...

here is a poem 4 u vman
Sharp clawed, slinky
and fine.
yes its definitly feline!
happy b day!!!!!!

Megan said...

Vladi's brother Jameson in Denver, also had his own b-day celebration! Funny that what both Jameson and Vladi love best is food and playing!!

Pam said...

Happy Bday Vladi,
You complete the circle,
Kinny and Tessa

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Vladi.... My goodness a year has flown by!!

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

Happy Birthday, Vladi!!!

emiliethestrange said...

I've been busy and I forgot to greet Vladi but still...better late than never. Belated Happy Birthday Vladi.