Sunday, June 08, 2008

Uschi's A Mouser


is a good

outside mouser (voler, shrewer, snaker),

he sits quietly

and watches.

The patches of vetch are good places to hunt,...

A sure signal that U has something.

Yup, U comes running with his trophy.

Happy U.

Playing with is prize.
(already dead)



Uschi, don't eat the mouse,...
We'll have Fancy Feast!!

Okay !!!

Super mouse,...

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Unknown said...

Loooooooooove the mouser! I was hoping, however, to see a little dancing. After all, Uschi and Vladi have shown great moves when it comes to interacting with voles and shrews.

My Remy's a bat boy, but only wanted to show me he could catch one if he chose to, and dropped it--alive--in front of me. Of course, the bat took advantage of this and flew literally like a bat out of hell up the stairs and all over the second floor and attic. Thanks, Remy!

emiliethestrange said...

another count from Ushi