Thursday, June 05, 2008

How About Now?

Isn't it my birthday yet?

Only one day to Vladi's birthday, and he apparently wants lots of licking from his brothers for a present. First it was Uschi's turn to give Vladi a bath, then came Tanji...

Vladi has moved next to Tanji and is being really quiet.

Tanji is not too sure about this.

Tanji gets up to leave and Vladi grabs his back leg. Usually
T would hiss a little and head out to the kennel,
but this is Vladi's week, so...

Tanji starts licking the baby cat.

Happy Vladi!

Tanji is getting tired, and wants to lay back down.

Tanji keeps licking, but Vladi wants even more...

"Play with me, too!"

Soon they are both batting each other
and the wrestling match is underway.

This is the other thing Vladi wants for his birthday!

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