Saturday, June 03, 2006

Show Boys Round One

"Stressed out" between rounds

Tanj and Uschi were in their first cat show! Although we didn’t get our boys with the intention of doing shows, we thought the experience might be something they would enjoy with all of the attention, people-watching, and fellow cat-watching. Plus we got to visit with Kelli, their breeder, who came all the way down from Seattle to help us show the boys! Kelli even brought a special soft cage that Uschi wouldn’t hurt his nose on (he does like to bang his face against cage doors). Tanj and Uschi were fantastic and we are so proud! For the first time ever, Tanj let us hold him for extensive periods of time without a squirm-fest. Uschi was a total ham and let the world know that he thinks he’s #1 cat with frequent meows (clearly distinguishable above the din of all the show happenings, from all the way across the show hall). Although a bit anxious at first (all of us), both were sweet as can be and surprisingly relaxed. There were seven rings, so the boys had a full day being judged with other Bengal kittens (4-8months old) by seven different judges. The boys are just 17 weeks old now so they were relatively a little underdeveloped. We were a bit nervous about other people handling the boys, but the judges were very professional, amazingly skilled at handling squirming kittens, and kind to all the cats. The other competing Bengal kittens were beautiful too, so our boys were not top kittens in show, but they held their own. Typically they were right in the middle of the pack with occasional placings at the top and bottom of the competition. What a treat!!

Showing no worries the night before the show

Confirming the luggage is packed soundly

Checking for comfort

Tanj is ready

Packed and ready to go

Special show cage

Uschi "enjoying" his first round of judging

Tanj in round one, showing his spots

Uschi showing off his swirls

Uschi showing his stuff

"Satan-Uschi" does his best to intimidate the other kittens

"Satan-Tanj" stares down the judge

Tanj reveals his belly

Tanj watching the show between rounds

Tanj putting on a good show

Uschi discussing the finer points of his back stripe

Stressing between rounds

Cleaning between rounds

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Anonymous said...

I am behind you.

Eric Li

Anonymous said...

Expecting Tanj and Uschi can obtain an outstanding score!!!

Eric Li