Friday, June 02, 2006

Toy Boys

Watching a fly

Tanj & Uschi are feeling much better and seem to love their new food. We’re wondering if they could have caught the “stomach flu” virus that has been traveling in our area. Another rainy spring day and the boys are playing with their toys, chasing flies, exploring new hiding spots, and, of course, napping. Uschi loves chasing “DaBird” and licking his white mouse. Tanj sticks with his glitter balls and gray/brown fur mice. Occasionally we hear some serious chirping or growling, and there is usually a favorite toy involved…

Tanj carries his furry toy mice indoors and out

New nap place

New food inspection

New food inspection

Uschi playing with his white toy mouse

Napping Tanj

Napping Uschi

Uschi getting all fours off the ground for DaBird

Brothers stalk together

Inspecting the "clean" dishes

Chirping at DaBird

Crazy cat

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