Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kat Circus

Disinterested in the boxed "Kitty Kat Circus"

Tanj and Uschi have been great kittens again this week: real troopers at the vet and putting up with us spending more time at work. Uschi’s personality seems to be changing, he has been seeking out "pets", been visibly more active and inquisitive, and is keeping up with Tanj. It may have something to do with being called a little “hefty” at the cat show >:-). C’mon, he’s a kitten! Uschi especially enjoys batting at the odds and ends dangling from our clothes drying rack, so we decided to get the “Kitty Kat Circus”. We resisted this toy initially, because its pretty much analogous to all of the big plastic toys someone might get for human babies, and those are scary. But hey, they’re our boys,… our kids! They are 19 weeks old today. I had to break out the drill to put it together, so I was happy. Once set up, we waited while the boys played in their outside kennel. Both rushed in the cat door at full gallop, as they do, and they screeched to a halt when they caught sight of the fully assembled "Kitty Kat Circus". After a bit of chattering, it was a full attack on the feather toys. It was a hit! Of course, the boys spent an equal time playing with the box the toy came in, and the whole business quickly degenerated to a wrestling match. By the evening, Uschi was draping on the clothes rack, watching Les in the tub.

Helping Dad

The joy of using tools

Tanj investigates

Chattering at the dangling feather

Uschi attacks

Tanj plots

Then pounces

The boys love feathers

But not as much as a new box

Or each other

Uschi does his own circus act on the drying rack.

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Fancidots said...

It is easy to see your boys have a WONDERFUL home and LIFE with you as their parents! They are both beautiful examples of the breed, and it is a joy to look at your blog.
I have thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through each post and admiring them and their "antics".
I'm sure your breeder must be delighted to see two of "their" kittens being so completely ADORED, so well entertained and cared for.
Just use caution -- I started with two (who joined my 4 DSH rescues) and now I have FIVE (yes 5) Bengals. My youngest is an EG Bengal (F1) and though I don't provide the photographic skills and obvious time spent outdoors, with my "pride" -- it is impossible to not LOVE them :)

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Thanks for the comments especially the "warning" >;-) The boys are a HUGE portion of our lives, we regularly say "what did we do before them,...?"