Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Standard Day Medley

Shopping for new toys in the stored toys box

During a typical day, Tanj and Uschi do many things. They wake us as the sun begins to peek over the Cascade peaks, by standing on us while purring and kneading. If we open an eye they take-off and rip around the house. On the bed, off the bed, on the bed, off the bed. If we manage to fall back to sleep, they wake us up again, then rip around the house. Eventually, we get up and unlock the cat door to their outside kennel. This just expands the range of ripping around,... now all the galloping and banging includes the frequent slaps of the cat door slamming open and shut. After we eat breakfast we feed them, this calms them for a few minutes. Then it is back to rippin' around. Eventually, we leave for work, they probably rip around the house while we are gone(?). When we arrive home, both boys greet us at the door for a few pets then it is off to rip around the house. Soon we take them out on the trails for some outside rippin'. After a long run the family comes back inside, and you guessed it, they rip around the house, play with their toys and explore new experiences. What fun it is to be a Bengal kitten!!!

Watching Barn Swallows by pond

Relaxing by the pond


Tanj getting some good hind leg lift

The boyz relaxing on the trail

Uschi stretching for DaBird

Tanj & Uschi try out the tub as it slowly fills

Tanj and his Peek-A-Prize toy box

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