Tuesday, June 13, 2006

First V-E-T Trip

The boys waiting outside the V-E-T

Yesterday Tanj and Uschi took a trip to the “V-E-T” to get more vaccinations. The cat show may have had a positive impact because both boys were much better in the car (even Uschi!). They were pretty relaxed in their carrier and were great when handled by the vet and her assistant. Tanj was so distracted by a “cheese whiz” treat, he didn’t even seem to realize he got a shot. Uschi was on to them, but didn’t even meow a protest. Les, on the other hand, almost passed out. We got updated weights and Uschi has pulled dramatically into the lead (6.8lbs vs 5.2lbs). Once we all got home, the boys slept a long time (maybe creating their immune memory cells).

The "sphynx" riding to the Vet

Tanj watching happenings before heading into the Vet

Waiting for mom

Lavs negotiating with Tanj before heading in

The boys waiting at the Vet.

Les had to sit down when we started talking shots.

Tanj relaxed after the Vet

Uschi's first reaction to the Vet

Uschi happy to be headed home.

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