Friday, June 30, 2006

Bristle Brush

Uschi LOVES the bristle brush toy

We saw these bristle brush "grooming" arches at one of the many online cat goodie sites and thought "hey they boys might like to rub up against one of these,..." We thought it might be good stimulation and good for their fur so we ordered one. It soon arrived in a priority mail box and as always the boys were eager to help us open it. At first they were more interested in the box and especially the biodegradable packing kernels. They each pulled several out and got them stuck to their tongues, the corn based kernels dissolve in water.

Then once we had the arch together

the boys turned away from the kernels

and ATTACKED the arch

I mean ATTACKED!!!

It was amazing!!

They seemed absolutely intoxicated by it.
They clawed at it, chewed it, and kicked it.

They rolled around on it snorting and puffing.

They went at is so hard, we thought it
might be soaked in cat nip or something
(they haven't had that yet)

I smelled it but to my nose I didn't smell any.

Uschi was a crazy boy

He had his claws and teeth clamped down

while he kicked with his hind feet

Until he collapsed

Tanj gave it a sniff

before pouncing


and chewing it

until it was flattened

and as with any good toy
it just precipitated a good old

kitten wresting match

No toy needed.

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