Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Tanj attacks the kick-pickle

The boys have many store bought "cat" toys, but one of their favorite toys is an afterthought home-made one. Just before their arrival into our lives we did a bunch of cleaning/organizing. During this process I emptied my sock drawer and ended up with an entire grocery bag of socks that I didn't wear for various reasons. Just as they were headed out the door I thought "hey they boys might like to chew on a stuffed sock" why did I think this?,... who knows. Anyway, I stuffed a sock with a bunch of other socks and tied off the end. I made two, just in case.

As always, Tanj found it first and is a regular attacker of the "kick-pickle". Uschi has begun to attack it more frequently also. They both jump on it, bite it, hold it with their front paws/claws and kick it hard with their hind feet/claws. When Uschi attacks it, Tanj will be right there to either take over the kick-pickle attack or to attack Uschi. Eventually, they end up wresting with each other and ripping around the house. Then it is back to the "kick-pickle".

Uschi enjoys biting and clawing the pickle

Tanj takes over attack duties,...

but knows he is being stalked

Uschi attacks and,...

gets the pickle, then kicks hard

Tanj gets Uschi and kicks hard

Eventually the pickle isn't needed to keep
the game going

Only an Uschi wiggling on his back.

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