Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Office Trip

Whaaat? ... it was like this....

We woke up the other morning to Uschi dragging the Kitty Kat Circus across the floor. We took this as a subtle cue that he was ready for some action. We decided to take the boys to the office, since they hadn't been away from the homestead in a week. When we broke out the carrier, Uschi walked right in, Tanj watched from the other side of the room then tried the door to the kennel, I had already locked that exit >;-)

Once in the car the boys were real good, they meowed a little but didn't seem too stressed. As usual Tanj mostly sat on the armrest between the seats and Uschi sat in the back window. When Uschi visited us upfront, Tanj headed to our laps, helpful as always. Once in the office the boys were relaxed and explored for a few minutes, helped me with my computer, then settled down in my "comfy" chair. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store. Lesley told me that they put on a show for customers coming and going.

Tanj helping me drive

Tanj loves to look out the window,
he's getting tall enough now

Watching from the back window

Boys arrive in the office,...

and soon find a comfy spot,...

to snuggle down

Tanj puts on a show, while,...

Uschi watches the activity in the parking lot.

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