Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Missing Feathers

Hmmmm! What is missing?

Uschi has been having fun dragging the Kitty Kat Circus around the house. After hearing it tip over, yet again, we noticed one of the feather toys was missing. Uschi had carried the removed feather toy portion to the kitchen and was intently pouncing, licking, and generally having a good time with it. The sounds of fun drew Tanj in to investigate. He watched from a safe distance then gingerly touched the feathers. Uschi stared Tanj down, ears folded back, then recaptured his toy for more licking and kicking.

Feeeatherrrrsss, me likes Feeeatherrrrsss

They are fun to step on,...

and lick,...

and chew

Tanj approaches,...

Whatcha got?

Back off Tanj

Myyy feathers

mmmmm, Feeeatherrrrsss

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about Uschi's feather fettish!!