Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Outside Explorations

I woke this morning at ~4:30am to the sound of rain on the roof,... this seemed very odd because when I went to bed the temperature was less than 20F. I thoughts, "what the,...?". All kinds of thoughts started going through my head related to campus being closed and the cascade of scheduling/assignment issues that would arise due to one day or even a partial day's closure as related to our lectures and labs which run all week.

There were no car headlights to be seen, kind of unusual. By 6am very few headlights were moving very slowly. Not good... our campus was still open,... we got ready, scraped the ice off the car and headed in, slowly. We arrived in our offices to a broadcast phone message that the university would be closed for 3 hrs, until 11am. So, that would mean that our lectures (720 students) would be canceled, and at least two lab sections would be closed. The scramble was on to make a contingency plan, post it on the website and get emails out.... Done,...

Now we are waiting to see what will happen, will the university close for the day completely?

So, lets see what Tanjiro and Uschi-Swirl have been up to over the past few weeks.

Just a little ice

doesn't slow Tanji,

but gets Uschi's tail fluffed.

Together the boys explored;

the "concrete" pile

and then the rotted off gate post,

and a frosty rose.

Uschi had to be brought back
from his solo explorations,

but quickly found the Elec-Trak.

The boys found the rock pile for the first time.

Ooooo, what is this,...?

Uschi then

Tanji posed on the pile.

T stretched on a "Paper-bark" birch,

before Uschi sprung

and the boys were off.

Tanj visited the picnic table

and Uschi joined him.

But Uschi likes to pose alone,...

and kept a look out.

Tanj and

Uschi stalked each other

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