Friday, January 12, 2007

Snow Flakes

We rushed home from work this afternoon in time to take the boys out for a second snow adventure. Upon arriving home we found Uschi pumped up. He was running around the house, meowing, and pointing at the door,... apparently he wanted to go out(?) it was a bit "subtle" but even I got it,... >;-) The sky was clear, the sun was bright, the temperature was cold (~20F). Lesley and I bundled up, "saddled-up" the boys and the family launched out into the snow.

Uschi was hepped,...

he sprinted and lept around by himself.

He checked out the frozen waterfall,

stalked Tanj,

and climbed trees.

Eventually, Tanj's engines warmed-up,...

he pranced,

then ran to and fro, before

getting after Uschi.

Uschi was still full of vigor and
found a new place,

on top of the electric meter.

What are you doing Uschi,....?

Noooo, moooom,...
This is embarrassing,...
I'm Uschi!!!

Eventually, we ended up at the wellhouse.
I tossed the still excited Uschi
onto the moss covered roof.

He ran around,

and posed.

Eventually, he jumped down and

Lesley scooped him up.

He meowed, hissed, and growled.

Lesley was laughing from the waves
vibrating through his body.

The sounds of "fun" brought

Jealous-T quickly to the scene.

He meowed up at Lesley....

Nooooo, Moooom,....

Your MY MOMmmm,...
I'm your T.

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