Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bubble Wrap

Mmmm bubble wrap,...

Anything and everything has toy potential. We need to keep a close eye on things and be sure certain items are cleaned-up and locked away when we are not supervising the play. That said the boys do get to sample many different items, and determine their toy potential. Tanji became fascinated with a pile of bubble wrap. He was jumping on it, "kick-pickling" it, and chomping down on it making it pop. A sheet of the bubbles was laying flat on the floor until

Tanj discovered it,...

he moved it around,...

and soon it was twisted up,...

in good "kick-pickle" position.

All of the sounds of fun soon caught Uschi's ears.
He watched for a little while but
soon could not resist and

attacked Tanj.

Tanji rolled and

battled back.

Uschi tired of the wrestling quickly

and held up in the catcoon.

So, Mr. Ener-T went back to the bubble wrap.

This one goes over here,


Grrrr, kick, kick, kick.

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