Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Counter Cats

Tanj eyes his chances of getting on the kitchen counter

When you live with two bengal cats in a one-room house, they pretty much have run of the whole place! However, we decided early on that the kitchen counter-top would be "off-limits" because of the hot burner and sharp items. For the most part the boyz have gone along with this plan, Uschi wasn't really interested anyway (at least that's his story) and Tanj usually only jumps up to get closer to us for attention. However, occasionally there are minor transgressions...

Whaaaaat??? I'm just looking!

This looks just like Uschi food.

Now Tanj has to join in...

Tanj, get off the counter!

Uschi gets smart and tries the little
side counter that has not been off-limits.

Whaaaaaat???? No one mentioned
anything about this counter!!

This says "cat food" right on it!

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Anonymous said...

Sam isn't allowed on the kitchen counters either but sometimes he also forgets this. And if we're standing outside the window that's above our kitchen sink while he's indoors it will take him no time at all before he's up on the counter and crying out the window at us.

Do your boyz stand with their paws on the counter to see what you're doing when you're working in the kitchen? When the Trader Joe's kitty tuna can comes out in the evening Sam is sure to be standing up at the end of the counter supervising. Even the people I know who are adamant about cats never ever being on the counters think this is very cute.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Our boys are actually very mellow about the whole food thing. It might be because they have dry food all the time? Anyway, they congregate in the kitchen when the food is coming out but just wait for it to be delivered.